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Programming is im-POSSIBLE?

You might quite often hear that “Oh, programming is easy. Everybody can do that very easily. ” and my response to that is that it’s untrustable. To be honest, programming is hard.

Don’t fool yourself, and don’t listen to people who say like, “Oh yeah, so easy.” Also when you try to master the code it will require more effort. And, you might think that “Oh, everybody’s saying it’s so easy, but why I’m finding it so hard?
Does that mean I’m dumb?” No, it is not true either.

However, on another side of the coin some people might say that “Programming’s impossible. You either have to be a genius or you’re not going to get it.” It is NOT TRUE either.

Very often people and students say that “Oh, you know, you are so good and I can’t be like you”. At the time, you should remember that no one is better than or greater than you. It’s just the amount of WORK they have put in.

When you WORK hard, you are going to end up with GREATER results. That’s is the thing that matters in here.

In conclusion, what people say doesn’t matter, so don’t let yourself fooled by these things that people mention “programming is easy or programming is really hard and impossible. Both of them are not true. Programming is hard however it is DOABLE, and it’s doable as long as you work for it.

Always remember we believe in you!

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it. “

Techtorial Team